Saturday, December 02, 2006

High Tech PomotaNOTamus

Here is my high tech method of keeping track of knitting from charts.
Notice the teeny, tiny original that I can't for the life of me see:

I blow it up and color code the stitches.

Then I use a piece of posterboard for the guide.

Please notice the high tech bobby pins to keep it in place.

To count the rows, here is my solution:

I do have to remember that I am using a ballpoint pen, so I must be careful and close it each time or move it to a safe place.

You can see where I frogged (the crossed out part on the left sock.)

And after 14 rows, here is what we are looking like:

Now you know the secrets to a NOT high tech household.

Have a great weekend~


schrodinger said...

Hey, it if works, it works. Looks like you're making good progress with the sock.

Meredith said...

Looking great! I think that's a good system. ;)

Sharon G. said...

I was reading a blog where someone wrote about how easy they found the pattern and how they were able to figure out the pattern after just a few rows. They must be some sort of genius. I didn't feel comfortable with the pattern until well into the 3rd repeat. By then, I had to start the top of the foot.

The second sock is going a lot easier since I feel a little more confident about the pattern. Seriously, you'll eventually be able to tell where they k2togs go, which will help you catch any mistakes before you move on.

Your yarn is fabulous, btw. How very industrious of you to do two at a time. I wish I would've taken the time to do that.

lobstah said...

I like your solution. When I was working on my lace shawl I just used a piece of cardboard to pin the charts and line guide too. It was a little goofy but it worked.
The socks are looking nice.

Windansea said...

Hey, bobby pins are the bomb. so many uses!! Lydia

Sharon said...

Very ingenious!!

I have one completed pomota... and can't even face starting the second :(

Thanks for your lovely encouraging words on my blog, no you are never too old to learn.

Fru Dart said...

What a great idea. Simple but genius. And the socks looks really good.

allegra918 said...

Great idea about blowing up the chart and color coding! when I finally attempt the pomos, i will definitely do that!