Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday Markers

Oh my - it seems the week has come and gone already! I have been immersed in the Nutcracker for days. It was a *very* long week, but I always love to play the ballet. I was on 2nd oboe and English horn, so I got all the big juicy solos (on EH)! And my principal oboe was Sillyewe!! We had a great time - she is a fine, fine player and lots of fun.

On opening night, she gave me these little lovelies:

Handel's Messiahs begin Thursday and go all weekend, but I should have more time to knit this week. I plan to get the Streaming Leaves finished for my friend. And Argosy in the new Knitty is beckoning me to knit her for another friend. Monkey (in the same issue) look nice too. Uh-oh, I just picked up the Holiday 2006 IK and there are the most lovely Bells and Whistles Socks.

Oh boy, I really need some self control now!

Note to self: Must finish Pomatomus before beginning Monkey and the Bells and Whistles.

Enjoy this sunny and warm Monday.


schrodinger said...

Pretty, pretty markers!

Windansea said...

I'm glad you like playing for the ballet - my oldest danced in 11 years of NC performances and I'll tell you - the French horn can make or break it!! Ditto the choir....but it's wonderful to see dance+instruments+voice come together like that. Lydia