Monday, January 02, 2006

Not enough time

After knitting like a madwoman on Dainty Bess, I realize I do not have enough time to finish and block by tomorrow night. Life has gotten in the way - taking down the Christmas tree and putting away decorations, preparing the spare room for Mom's visit and heaven forbid, work! I suppose I could take it up to Mom's and try to finish on Thursday. My goal was to wear it to the memorial service on Friday afternoon that the Bar Association is giving to honor my late father's achievements.

And it is going to be cold in NY!!! This transplanted NYer has become accustomed to the South and is going to freeze her little fanny right off I am afraid!

Here is a picture of our fish tank - lots of people have cute pets and post their pics - we have fish. They are not so cute but we enjoy the relaxing views.


lobstah said...
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lobstah said...

Hi, just wanted to say thanks for your comments on my blog! Your lace is very beautiful, can't wait to see Dainty Bess all blocked out. (Lace is just magic that way!)

I deleted my first post, because I wanted to add that I love fishies! I used to have a tank up through college, but I gave it up because it seems like I move every two years. I can't wait to live somewhere more permanently so I can have fish again.