Friday, January 20, 2006

Leisel Update

Here it is as of last night.

Today was our Cooking Light lunch club, so this morning was spent preparing pork tenderloin. We also had cauliflower, asparagus, couscous, muffins, salad and of course, dessert. We all ate like there was no tomorrow - after all - if we can't eat or knit or make music, what is there??


lobstah said...

The Liesl Lace is getting prettier as it grows!

As for Dainty Bess...Hmm, I don't know. In your photos of it I don't see an obvious error, so I don't know how noticible it is in person. I think it all comes down to deciding whether YOU can live with it or not. If you know it will bug you and make you not want to wear it, I think it's better (though frustrating) to frog it and start over.