Sunday, January 29, 2006


I began Broadripple last night with the yarn I previously used for the basic sock (see a few days ago). I just got bored with that one and thought I would try cuff down instead of my usual toe-up. This is what I have done so far; it is approximately 4". Here is the link to the pattern:
Student news: One of my sophomores sent in and audition CD for a concerto competition and was invited to play live yesterday. The student, her parents, the accompanist and I went to the location. She played her concerto from memory like an angel - with great passion and accuracy, beautiful sound and lovely musical phrasing.
The great news is that she was awarded 2nd place in the senior division. I think this is fabulous for the first time out! Although she will not get to perfom with the orchestra, she will be recognized at the next concert and awarded a lovely plaque. I am hoping the experience was good and will motivate her to try again.