Wednesday, January 25, 2006


This is a Clown Pleco who has been with us since 1999.
Cute for an old guy, eh?

Well, okay, maybe not so cute except when he's peeking out of his log.

This bad boy resides in our 33 gallon flat-back hex front freshwater tank.

This Plecostomus is around 4" long and is one of the smaller species. He has lived a long life (7 years now!) and all seems well...

Here is a Rainbow. Now he's cute, no?

This is an Australian Melanotaenia Praecox (Neon Blue Rainbow). We have two adults that are about 3" long and just bought three more babies to join in since they are schooling fish.

The little flashes are Harlequin Rasboras, also a schooling fish. There are 15 of them residing in this tank.

So here is a glimpse of our fishy friends sent to you from a Pisces who is married to another Pisces - hmmm, do you detect a watery theme running through our lives?


vi said...

I love the fishies....
we have a 33 flat back half hex tank as well but currently no wall space to put it up
last I had in it was goldfish.... back when the studio was cold
before that it was set up as an amazon river basin tank.... angels, neons, zebras.......
brown gravel and brown 'driftwood'
to sort of give it that 'peaty' look

who loves the fishies

Knittinreed said...

Thanks, Vi. Your tank sounds like it was beautiful. I wuld love a real Amazon tank but settled for this one - real driftwood and live Java Ferns.
Maybe you will find a place to set yours back up.