Monday, April 13, 2009

Yarn and stuff

After an exhausting but exhilarating week of Easter music, things are back to the norm - teaching, making reeds, practicing and knitting. I ordered one of the sock yarn samplers from KnitPicks (hah - like any of us really need more sock yarn!!!) and it arrived last week. The color palette is beach.

I like most of it... not a big fan of the green in the back but some sock recipient will be :)

I also stained the spinning stool my DH gave me for Xmas thinking if I get it finished I may actually use it.

Then I emailed Leef to see if she could help me get the missing rods for the lazy kate on my refurbished Scholar.

She has them at the farm now so I hope to take a ride up and get them this week. We (and Ashford) think they are the same ones that are on the current models of the Traveler and Joy. Cross your fingers that they will fit, please.

Someone had a Scholar for sale on Ravelry; she was asking $300 for it. Obviously she did not do her research because you can find them for around $150. No wonder there was no response.

There was some knitting on the Dragonflies this week :

I love it after the heel is turned and the gusset is decreased because we are in the home stretch now :-)

Enjoy your week my friends~


twig said...

*sigh* There's no accounting for taste. The green is the nicest looking of the bunch!

Knittinreed said...

Hey Hey Twig! I am a blue Beachy girl myself.... no green for me.

Nymarianne said...

Thanks for posting about Montgomery mills, had no idea that was around here! I will go visit the next time I am down that way. So are you a native New Yorker then?

Meredith said...

Pretty yarn! They look like Easter eggs in that basket.