Friday, April 17, 2009

FO: Dragonfly Socks

These were a really fast knit.

The pattern is Dragonfly Socks free from Cavyshops and the yarn is Premier Deborah Norville Serenity Sock Weight. This yarn is very soft but thinner than KP Essentials. I knit with #1 (2.25mm) DPNS in hopes the fabric would be substantial enough.

The socks came out very soft but quite thin. They feel wonderful but I don't know how well they will wear. I was going to keep these for myself but decided to send them to Mom instead.

Thanks for your comments on the last posting. The green yarn is heading to it's new home since the color is not at all me. I know the recipient will enjoy it more than I would have.

Our weekend is full as usual - I am driving up to Apple Leef Farm this morning to pick up the rods for the built-in lazy kate on the Scholar. It is almost an hour each way.....

I have a double for Symphony on Saturday then students and a Messiah Sunday. I am looking forward to the Messiah because a former student (who graduated from Eastman and is now working on his Masters at SMU) will be playing second. It should be fun.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend, my friends :-)


Panhandle Jane said...

The socks are lovely. I have been wondering about that yarn. I need to make some socks, but I also need to knit down my sock yarn bin. The farm you are going to sounds very interesting. I wish we had something like that around here. My spinning resource place moved to Marble Falls last month.

twig said...

Lovely socks. I have heard of Deborah Norville's line but I haven't seen it. I still hold a grudge against her for taking over for Jane Pauley on the Today Show (Yes I know Jane chose to leave, but still...). (And yes, I know that that was decades ago -- if I know nothing else, I know how to hold a grudge.) heheheh

Larjmarj said...

Pretty and Lacy!

Bonnie said...

They look so comfy.