Thursday, February 22, 2007

Spinning around

Tuesday was my last of the three beginning spinning classes with Leef. (boo hoo hoo - she is so wonderful) My assignment had been to bring 2 spindles of yarn - one white, one brown so we could ply. Here is the result of my effort:

It came out thick and thin - very organic! I have more to spin and more to ply - so maybe I will knit a chunky hat from this. Beth - it is corriedale. I have totally enjoyed this new endeavor and now I must make time to continue improving my skills and to take the intermediate classes. I also thank you for your encouraging comments. You are really spurring me on.

Monkey socks were so much fun and elicited so many responses - they took me 2 weeks to knit (I am not a fast knitter). I really enjoyed the pattern and if you are thinking about knitting them - go for it! They were a very satisfying project.

Here are the most recent socks:

They are a basic 2X2 rib which will continue all the way down the foot using Fortissima Cotton Colori (which I think has been discontinued!) and #1 DPNs. I realize I like simple after complex. It keeps me from getting bored to change back and forth.

The next will be another pair of Embossed Leaves - they are so beautiful and such a nice pattern, but I am awaiting the arrival of some Pony Pearls #0 DPNs. I plan to use Knitpicks Essentials or Gloss and both seem like they want #0s.

Hope your day is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!


Beth said...

Wow, that's your first go at plying? That looks awesome! Great job!

Meredith said...

The yarn you spun looks great!

I was thinking of trying Pony Pearls--do you like them? I'm not a big DPN fan, especially metal DPNs, but I think I might like those.

nona said...

Wow! I'm so impressed with your handspun yarn. I love when plies of different colors are combined. As for the Embossed Leaves socks, I'm knitting my first pair know and love the pattern and resulting socks -- fun!

schrodinger said...

The plying looks great.

I'm nearly finished with Mum's Monkey socks and have to agree that they are a great (and fast) knit.

zippiknits said...

Your spinning is lovely. And the plying is very good. Yes, Great job!

I saw the socks called Monkey,and love the pattern. You did a beautiful job on them

Dorene said...

Your endeavors into spinning look fabulous! Well done!