Monday, November 20, 2006


Cotton, Merino and Silk
oh my!
Alpaca, Cashgora and Camel
to try!

My favorite postman brought me this yummy sampler from Hello Yarn just in time for my 1st spinning lesson tomorrow morning. Perfect timing, ya think??

Here is the start of Pomotomus from Knitty - only 3 rows so far .......

This is Lornas Laces Shepherd in Sherbet on #1 DPNs. I am a fairly loose knitter and always have to go down a size or two, I figured they would be right for the gauge. These are some itty-bitty needles but surprisingly easy to manipulate.

Any exciting plans for Thanksgiving?

DH and I are going out for dinner. I have cooked for the past few years, but since there are just the two of us, we always have way too many left-overs to eat. Nutcracker Ballet begins Friday, and we are busy working this and all weekends (now until Christmas) so that made the decision of dining out an easy choice for this year.

We will put up our Christmas lights Thursday morning and be outwardly ready for the season. Inside is a different story. Last year we were not in such a festive mood, so the interior decor was minimal. I think I will put up quite a bit more this time since I am feeling pretty darn good!

I just love garlands of green and bright white lights weaved throughout.


sillyewe said...

Hey!!! I have that Lorna's, too! Isn't it gorgeous??? I haven't decided what to make with it, but I love looking at it. I wanna hear all about your spinning lesson!! :0)

Cindy said...

Have lotsa fun spinning all those lovely fibers!! And have a great Thanksgiving too!

Sharon G. said...

Good luck with the spinning. I haven't really had too much time to play with mine, but I hope to sit down with the stuff after the holidays.

Is this your first Pomotomus? You'll like the pattern. I'm using US 1 dpns, too, and it still seems just a tad shy of being too loose. Must be the tiny needles that make my gauge go all over the place.

Meredith said...

Pretty! Have fun at your spinning lesson.