Thursday, May 06, 2010

Yarn Bowl!!

My friend Terry made this exquisite yarn bowl just for me!!

And here it is in use :-)

You can see a bit of Swallowtail..... I am on the last lace rows and will post photos and details when it is done.

My schedule for the next 9 days is pretty nuts - it starts with Richardson Symphony this weekend. And since Kelli is off playing elsewhere, I will be principal. :-)

Then Monday and Tuesday is Lord Nelson Mass with the Ft. Worth Baroque Society. Also Tuesday I have to drive out to TAMU-C and listen to my students play their juries.

Wednesday is Sing For The Cure. I played the premier in Dallas 10 years ago, so this is a special occasion. Also, with so many friends who have or have had breast cancer, it has more meaning than ever.

The rest of the week is rehearsal for the Sunday performance of the B Minor Mass by Bach. I am thrilled to be working so much but wish it wasn't all jammed up together.

I will see you when I come up for air.... til then, happy knitting.


Panhandle Jane said...

What a lovely bowl. You have a most wonderful friend.

zippiknits said...

Happy concert playing! That bowl is wonderful. What a wonderful gift.

PaperYarnGirl said...

What a lovely bowl! Does your friend make them for sale anywhere?

Knittinreed said...

Thank you, my virtual friends!

YarnPaperGirl - this was made by a fellow oboist in Cleveland. He is a potter as a hobby - I will ask him if he wants to sell another (I commissioned this) but I know he is preparing for his wedding right now and might be a bit busy. I'll find out...