Monday, April 19, 2010

Nupp time!

Swallowtail is coming along nicely. So nicely that it is time for the nupps!

After reading the many posts on how small this sweet shawl is, I decided to increase the number of repeats of Budding Lace to 19. That seemed to be the magic number for keeping the next charts on track.

I am knitting this in Silky Alpaca Lace on Bryspun #4 circs. Since the yarn is black (yes, I know - I am crazy to do this in black) the white needles make it much easier to see what I am doing. And I do like the points. So far. We'll see when I have to purl 5 together.....

Here it is so far - looking like a yarn blob. And it is black, though the photo doesn't capture that.


sillyewe said...

heeeeee! I like your "yarn blob". It looks blue, doesn't it? I'd love to learn how to photograph my the list, I guess. :0) I can't wait to see it done. Is it a fun knit?

Meredith said...

That really does look blue in the picture! It will look very nice in black though.