Sunday, January 25, 2009

Too big, too bad!

Happy Sunday morning. Thanks for your thoughts on the Jacques Cousteau Cap. It fit the recipient perfectly :-)

Unfortunately I cannot say the same thing about my Bluebell V-Neck Cardigan. It is enormous on me and I am thoroughly bummed! I thought I got gauge and knit the proper size - but Nooooo. So I am not posting a picture of it today. Waaaaah! I have now knit 4 items that have all been too big and am not happy about it.

I told Jim I was determined to knit something that fits, so I cast on this. I am using some yarn I have in my stash: Silky Tweed by Lavold. I began on #4 needles and it seems to be the right gauge (or not). I think I start knitting tighter then loosen my grip as I go along so everything gets bigger. I'm not sure how to correct that...

Here are a few flowers in my living room to brighten your day:


and some Bromeliads

Enjoy your week.


Larjmarj said...

Sorry to hear that you had a bad fit. I hate it when it seems that you do everything right and in the end....grr.

Your flowers are lovely. Nothing green around here!

Janiannie said...

Glorious plants! Certainly cheered my Sunday evening, what beautiful colours.

My tension tends to loosen up too, p'raps a good job for the cardi I'm doing now for my granddaughter as I should probably have chosen the next size up. (Have you thought that you might just be slimmer than you think?!)

I love the Eyelet Cardi and hope it turns out the right size.

Only recently stumbled across your blog and think it's brilliant!