Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bluebell V-Neck Cardigan FO

Okay - here it is - in all it's gigantic glory.

I used WoolEase and #6 Options. I think this is a nice pattern but I would like it in 1) smaller size and 2) lighter weight yarn. WoolEase is not my favorite yarn, either. Although I love the color, it was *really* fuzzy and seems like it will pill pretty vigorously.

Thanks for the sympathy on this one Marj .... And I am taking your comment to heart, Janiannie and knitting my next one a smaller size. May I really am not as big as I think :-) Or maybe I just don't get the ease idea right. At any rate, on to the next project.

Thanks for your flower comments. They make me smile, too.


lobstah said...

Phooey, dontcha hate when that happens? Surely one of the most frustrating parts of knitting.

Larjmarj said...

Wool ease is not one of my fav's either it's pillicious.

Meredith said...

It looks nice and cozy though, I'm sure it will be a good cold-weather sweater!

twig said...

Grrrr. I hate when that happens. I hope you don't get a lot of pilling. I've used it a couple times. Once it didn't pill at all. The other time it piled so badly I don't even wear the garment anymore.