Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mahler and More

Hi y'all. I just finished my portion of the Mahler Festival with our performance of the 6th Symphony last night. We got a nice review from the Ft. Worth critic and a lukewarm review from the Dallas one. We thought it went great, so there! Here is a shot from the audience. As you can see, the orchestra is enormous. We had 5 oboes (usually there are 2). The rest of the wind and brass sections were double sized as well.

In the midst of it all, I have managed to start the Wallis Cardigan in a delicious blue cotton/soy blend. I'll post the picture of the back though I must tell you that I am going to tink back a bit to make the armholes a little larger. I realized I miscalculated....

I loved reading your comments on the BYOB. In retrospect, even though I complained about it, the seed stitch really wasn't so horrid. It did go on for a while, but truly only a short while. If you need a bag like this - do indeed knit it. It was quick and worth the "seedy" time. But be careful with the tight cotton fabric, it really tore up my hands. And I am a relaxed knitter.

And Zippi - who are the Chargers and Bolts? Is that like nuts and bolts? (I know nothing when it comes to sports.)

I finally managed to get my schedule in line :-) It will be a busy semester as usual. But I would rather be moaning about too many hours than too few - if you know what I mean! I am headed out to the University for the student's auditions, then just one kiddo coming tomorrow. I plan to get in some quality knitting this weekend!

Have a good one -


Larjmarj said...

Whatever for Dallas, what do they know. ;-)

Just trying to give you props.

twig said...

The critic from Dallas is probably still trying to figure out who shot JR.