Wednesday, August 06, 2008


It is fini!!!

I love how this bag came out, but the seed stitch drove me crazy. (I am now glad I didn't knit the Minimalist Cardi - it is all seed stitch. Aaaargh!) I used the old Cotton Ease from my stash and knit on #3 and #6 Options. Yes, being a loose woman, er, knitter, I always have to go waaaaaaaaaay down.

The first picture looks like a truer representation of the colors. The fabric is nice and tight, so I am hoping it won't stretch like some other knitters' have.

On to the next project - I have been rethinking the Wallis Cardigan and decided to knit it. When I was talking to one of the ladies at my LYS, she was saying how flattering that type of design is for many body types - I'm hoping she is right and it won't accentuate the parts I usually try to camouflage.

So today, after I make some Mahler reeds, practice the millions of notes in the symphony that I still cannot play, have some lunch with the girls and teach a boatload of students, I will swatch.

Enjoy your day ~


lobstah said...

That bag is really cute! The Wallis cardi is a gorgeous design--I will be curious to see how yours knits up.

sillyewe said...

I like the colors A LOT! Very pretty. I'm watching you.......... ;0)

Larjmarj said...

The bag looks great! Seed stitch gets to me too.

twig said...

I want to knit the bag but the seed stitch is making me question that choice.

I love yours -- the color choices are great.

zippiknits said...

It's a beautiful bag and if seed stitch where a quilt block it would be called "The Road to Insanity". Lovely colors, Charger colors. Don't ask don't tell is my policy about the Chargers, but I still like the Bolt Colors. Hope you had a productive day after the million notes you learned and taught your boat laden with students. ;)

I should be knitting that blue sock!

Meredith said...

Cute bag! All of that seed stitch would be annoying though. Perhaps I'll pass on making that one!