Wednesday, July 23, 2008

IDRS and Oboes

Dear knitting buddies ~ I confess that I have not touched my needles here in Provo. Instead, I have been making reeds, rehearsing and performing. Our recital was this morning and went pretty darn well :-) Then I tried and compared instruments for hours and decided to spend a pretty penny on this:

I have been looking since I sold my other one last summer. This one has a gorgeous sound and I hope will break in nicely. Methinks I will be on a yarn diet for a while. Hmmm ~~~ how much yarn does the cost of an oboe translate into?

I am coming home tomorrow and look forward to not having to race around for a few days and get back to my knitting. On the needles are the BYOB and a pair of Monkey socks. My first priority is the bag (right now, anyway).

Oops - Got to head out for a quick bite then back to BYU for the evening concert. Enjoy your evening.


twig said...

Um... I don't know much about oboes, but I think it's broken. Shouldn't it be longer? heheheh