Sunday, June 08, 2008

From Wallis to Flutter

Thank you for all your for your "harpy" comments. Yes, it is difficult but I am having fun with it. Unfortunately, this week I am consumed with rehearsals then performances of the Mozart opera Cosi fan Tutte and do not have much practice time. After teaching lessons, making reeds all week, trying to learn my part and rehearsing for 5 hours yesterday, practicing harp was not at the top of my priority list.

However, knitting was. Instead of that beautiful Wallis Cardigan, I am in the middle of Flutter Sleeve from IK Spring 2008. While I love the style of Wallis, I am thinking it would accentuate the tummy area - which needs no accentuation, if you know what I mean ;-)

Here is the completed back:

I am using Micro Spun for this and find it very sweetly soft. It is quite splitty, but with the Options seems not too bad.


twig said...

Flutter is looking great. I think that it's a very flattering pattern. Looking forward to seeing it finished. In the meantime, GET SOME REST.

Meredith said...

I love that pattern--you're flying through it!