Monday, March 17, 2008

Trikke, anyone?

Thanks for your kind thoughts toward Sandra. Every little bit of positive energy helps. She liked the Chinchilla hat, but I wound up frogging the purple one - just too darn big. She has a small head, so I am sizing down on the next ones. I did finish this (Fiber Trends AC-4), but delivered it before I could take a photo.

It was my birthday Thursday, and I had both my mammogram and annual that morning. My gyn is a hoot - her question to me was "Where are you going next, to the dentist?" At any rate, all is well and I don't have to think about any of it for another year :-)


Stepping on the scale was not fun - in fact, I am so disgusted with my bmi, I decided to take action and get moving. I went today and bought a Trikke.

I went for a short ride today and came home exhausted. I think (once I really get the hang of it) it will be a great all over workout. I am also not eating any more second helpings. We'll see if that helps make me smaller.

I just stepped off the ferry at sleeve island for Basic Black so I hope to have some real life knitting content next time.

~~ See you soon ~~


twig said...

Happy Birthday!

That Trikke looks neat. I've never heard of one before. I know exactly how you feel about the weight. I'm in the process of dealing with something similar. Since I quit smoking I have gained 20 lbs. None of my clothes fit anymore and despite going to the gym 4-6 times a week, I'm not losing any weight even when I make a point of watching calories and fat. *sigh*

Meredith said...

I've seen people riding those things before--it looks tough, but fun! Oh, and happy birthday!

schrodinger said...

Happy birthday!

Have fun with the Trikke, I've not heard of them before.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Can you keep me updated on your progress with using the trikke for fitness. I have considered buying one. Do you feel safe on it, is it hard to ride?


Jessica said...

Happy Belated Birthday! And wow, that bike thing looks kind of like torture from here, but I hope it helps you!