Monday, March 03, 2008

One little FO, a WIP, Ziti and Snow?

Good Monday Afternoon! Thanks so much for all your great responses to the last posts :-) It is back to the oboe - no more oddness and crazy reeds and music! This week's schedule is lighter than it has been for weeks. (YAY) Ballet starts Saturday, but no other services until then. I think my students will be happy to have their teacher being somewhat sane.

One of my acquaintances is beginning chemo for Inflammatory Breast Cancer, (NOT good) so I knit this little cap to give her some comfort. It was *really* quick and I will probably knit a few others. This form of breast cancer is rare and very aggressive. Please click on the link and read about it - we all should know what it is.

The pattern came from Head Huggers. And it the yarn looks familiar, it is. It is the Sirdar in her favorite color with which I just happened to be knitting a cardigan.

Said cardi is coming along slowly but surely. The back is finished as is the ribbing on both fronts. But I got a little sidetracked and will start again tonight.

And then I thought it might be nice if I actually cooked dinner tonight, so I took some sauce and Italian sausage out of the freezer, cooked up some ziti and put it in a casserole topped with a little mozzarella. I will put it in the oven just before my last student and Voila! Fast, easy and tasty.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Maybe spring will poke it's head out for us to see :-)

Or not - here is the Dallas snow at 10:15pm, March 3, 2008!


twig said...

Oh my. Please pass along my good thoughts to your friend. I just recently listened to Gilda Radner's audio book "It's Always Something" that dealt with her battle with ovarian cancer. It was both horribly sad and incredibly uplifting.

Larjmarj said...

Thanks for the link re: CA. It's almost epidemic isn't it? It seems like I know more and more people affected. I'm sure your friend will love her cap.
Dinner looks good, what time?
Snow in Dallas? You should see what I found when I looked out my door this AM...about 10".

lobstah said...

I'm sorry about your friend, I will keep her in my thoughts. The cap is adorable.

Can't believe it's snowing down that normal? Can't imagine it is!