Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bamboozle and Zeidwig

Here is Bamboozle so far - the shoulders are seamed, sleeves are sewn on and one side pinned. I think it will fit :-)

We had Richardson Symphony this weekend and it was like an out of body experience. Our guest artist was Mitchell Zeidwig and his act can be seen in part if you click this link. Go to the one titled "The Original" - it is the last one.

Not only is the act unique, but I read an article where he states he is from a small town NY. So on break, I introduced myself to Mitchell and here is our conversation:

Me: "I saw you are from a small town in uptsate NY, so am I - from Monticello."

Him: "I graduated from Monticello High School."

Me, eyes growing larger by the second: "SO DID I! What year?"

Him: "In the 19##'s." (The dates have been changed to protect the innocent)

Me, incredulously: "I graduated in 19##."

Him, with huge eyes by now: "19##!"

We were one year apart in our graduating class.

After we got over the incredible coincidence, we had a lovely conversation. We probably passed in the halls and never knew each other. The Executive Director take a picture of us with the Maestro:

Crazy, eh?!


Larjmarj said...

I am SURE it will fit and look lovely!

My hub graduated with Bruce Campbell but doesn't remember seeing him in the halls. Then again, I'm not sure that he remembers much from high school ;-)

Funny when we have those serendipitous moments.

Anonymous said...

The world seems so small sometimes. Did he end up in Texas, too, or was he just passing through?

lobstah said...

That is really funny. I actually had a similar experience back in college, I was working in the NH woods for the summer (grew up in CT) and came across a group of camping youths. I was chatting with their leader and it turned out that we had graduated from the same high school, same year. The weird part is that we didn't know each other at all, and our class wasn't THAT big!