Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bass Oboe?! and some Knitting too.....

Thank you so much for your comments! I really enjoyed knitting Bamboozle and am pretty darn happy :-) with it. I wore it last weekend and felt wonderful knowing I knit it. I didn't care if anyone else knew because I knew. I feel like I am beginning to get a grasp on how to do this knitting thing.....

This is the 4th week of a 5 week working frenzy. The 1st week was RSO with Zeidwig, the 2nd was Ft. Worth Symphony with the 60's show: "The Beat Goes On", the 3rd was Wichita Falls Symphony, the 4th - this weekend is East Texas Symphony and next week is RSO again.

We are having a blast here in Tyler, TX. Seriously! We are performing Holst's Planets and I get to play the BASS OBOE!!! Have you ever heard of such a beast? I never played one until last week. Here it is next to my oboe so you can see the comparison:

My oboe is 23" long, the Bass oboe is 42"! It sounds one octave lower than normal.

Since I am in Tyler, I get to see yet another hotel room - and so do you!

Please pardon the backgrounds (in this hotel), but here is my current knitting.

First we have Jim's socks with the heels turned:

And here are the first 6" of the Basic Cranberry Cardigan

I am knitting it with Sirdar Country Style DK (acrylic/nylon/wool blend) on #5 KP Options. I will have some time tomorrow after the youth concerts in the morning and hope to get in a good knitting day.

I hope your weekend is full of joy and great knitting~


twig said...

That is a BIG oboe. It looks, to this untrained eye, like a straight version of that long curved horn in the Riccola ads. heheheh

Good choice of color for your Basic Cranberry Cardigan. I wonder if anyone is making a black one.

Patty said...

Hi there. Just ran across your site due to the oboe references. If you are interested, I could add you to the reed blog list at my site: ... just email me at pattyoboe (at) mac (dot) com if you'd like to be listed!

Fun to read what you're doing ... I've worked with Arne several times ... small world when one is in music, yes?

schrodinger said...

That oboe is a whopper!!

Larjmarj said...

That thing is huge! Can you sit to play it or do you have to stand?

Nice color for the cardi...

zippiknits said...

So, how much different is the bass oboe from a bassoon, in timbre? I've always loved to listen for the Oboes and bassoons in orchestras.

You get a lot of knitting done! I just take flower pictures lately and lug around big boxes of books.