Friday, December 07, 2007

Need to and Wish They Had Not

Hi all - knitting content as promised..... The back to my Bamboozle Tunic is complete, the front is about 4". Jim's sweater is languishing but his socks are nearing the heel flap.

Here are almost finished Fiber Trend Clogs for Mom. I still need to felt them.

And here are some Embossed Leaves socks I knit out of KnitPicks Gloss last year - I wish they had not been accidentally felted. They found their way into the washer and dryer. Oh well, it is a good thing I know how to knit more.

The Nutcrackers were fun and last week's symphony and church stuff went well. This weekend is all church playing.....

Have you done any Christmas shopping yet? I have done not a lick, nor have I thought about cards. Maybe I can get some and take with me next weekend to write while I am not holding the oboe up to my face.

In my spare time (yeah, right - at 9:00pm one evening) I managed to get a new publicity photo. The university has been requesting one so I figured I better get it done.

Enjoy your weekend -


lobstah said...

Oh no, your poor embossed leaves look so sad and stubby :( You're right though, at least you can make another pair.

No Christmas shopping here yet, although I may try to run out tomorrow. Thankfully my family and I have given up exchanging gifts, so I only buy for my best friend and my MIL. And I need to get a gift for my parent's 35th anniversary, coming up on the 22nd.

Your publicity photo looks very nice!

Larjmarj said...

The hair stood up on the back of my neck when I saw the socks...I would have CRIED! Mom is going to LOVE her clogs, I have mine on right now. Nice pic of you :-)

©Hotbutton Press said...

I have a red pair of those clogs that I've worn to death for three years.... your mother will love them. They couldn't be more cozy and comfortable. And the photo of you is fabulous! Have I told you that oboe is my favorite? I can't tell you how many oboe CDs I have. I love adagios so recommendations are always appreciated. Happy holidays ~ Daniele

twig said...

Ah...I have a beautiful pair of socks that I made out of non superwash wool. USELESS. They felted by accident, too. *sigh*


Meredith said...

Oh no, felted socks! I need to knit up a pair of those clogs for my husband--luckily they're fast!

Bonnie said...

Ahhhhh, such a lovely picture. And the clogs look so warm and cozy.

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