Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Well, here it is! This is from Garn Studio Drops Design, #94-27. I used Queensland Collection "Maldives" and #4 needles.

My journey began in April 2006 when I knit the back and sleeves. I hit a roadblock at the front pieces and put it away until last month. I was able to get some guidance from Sillyewe for those front pieces and was determined to finish! Then you all helped me in the finishing process - thank you!

The grand finale was this morning at about 10:00 a.m. It is quite amazing to me that it fits and looks pretty decent too! My disappointment is that I was hoping it would make me look young and thin like the model :-)

Ready and willing to jump right into the next project, I chose CeCe from Chicknits. Then I started looking at the new Drops designs for spring and summer and fell in love with this:

It is design #101-32. The lace has four different sections (and 2 extremely confusing charts) so it will take some major deciphering on my part. I think I can do it!!! I bought this yummy Berry colored Cotton Ease to use.

Oh Yikes!! I just saw this one:

Egads!! Now what am I going to do???????

Thursday morning I am on a plane to NY to see Mom. Since her house is not wired, I won't take the latptop and will be off line until the next Tuesday. I guess I could find some WiFi access, but I thought since I play a Bach Concerto in 2 weeks, I think it is wiser to take my oboe instead to get in some good practicing.

And I will of course take my knitting - but which one?!


Agnes said...

Very nice! As you said, it fits well! I always check the Drops patterns but never came around to make one. Good choices for new projects!

twig said...

It looks great! I may just have to move that up to the top of my to do list.

I really like Drops 101-32. You see, I figure if I just knit my current projects slowly, you can be the guinea pig for all the Drops designs I want to knit.

Phoebe said...

Ohh, I just used Cotton Ease on a hat and it was wonderful. I hope you like it too.

Knittinreed said...

Thank you, thank you!! Well, Twig, you will have to wait a long time since it took me a full year to finish this one :-)

And now I have changed my mind and am knitting a Sirdar pattern I found. More when I return.

lobstah said...

Congrats on finishing! It looks so great on you. I am loving all the patterns you're thinking about doing next...tough decisions :)

Larjmarj said...

Nicely done! It looks great and I love the detailing on the cuffs.

Sharon said...

Oh wow, that looks lovely and is a perfect fit and what great finishing, knew you could do it. Lovely future project/s too, decisions decisions, a knitters curse ;)

Meredith said...

Congratulations, it looks great! Drops has some nice patterns, don't they?

zippiknits said...

It looks great, and the perfect shape to a body keep warm on cool spring evenings. I'm starting a DROPS aran Isle if I can get past the issue of garter stitch at the bottom. Is that normal or what? I really should ask them.. sorry.. =o)

How are you liking the new little cardigan?

schrodinger said...

I think that it looks great, and it's a really good fit. I'm intrigued to know what Sirdar pattern you decided on. Have a safe and wonderful trip.

zippiknits said...

Hi Knittenreed, thanks for your comments on my blog. :) The Drops design I'm starting to knit is the men's aran isle pull over # 59.6 pictured here:


You have given the confidence to knit those garter rows. Thank you!

MezzoDiva said...

Egads - well, the solution to the Drops dilemna is clear: You must make them both!

And your cutaway cardigan is lovely! Such a treat to wear something like this that you made yourself!