Monday, July 06, 2009

Harp Fire and an FO

Today was the first day of Harp Fire 2009. I didn't have enough time this month to practice as I hoped, but life sometimes gets in the way.

Our faculty gave an opening recital that was great!


Here are Janet's Jaywalkers. They were knit in KnitPicks Felici, the colorway is Schooner. I used #1 Harmony DPN's. I wanted identical socks so I was careful to match up the colors where I cast on. Yes, I am happy with these :-)

Last week's concerts were a test of endurance and resilience for all of us. The temperatures were higher than normal and the intonation in the first concerts was difficult.

But the concert last night with Ft. Worth Symphony was terrific. Di Wu (a Cliburn winner) was amazing and the orchestral pieces were two of my favorites. FWSO definitely knows how to make the outdoor concerts the best around. From gigantic fans cooling us to ice water in small strategically placed coolers onstage to the excellent musicians who play beautifully no matter what the temperature. I feel so lucky to be called to play with them.

Have a wonderful week - I will try to update Harp Fire as the week goes on.....


Larjmarj said...

Sounds awesome!! Must be amazing to be surrounded by such amazing music.

Lurve the socks ;-) Happy stripes.