Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why, oh why

Why, oh why do sleeves take so long? There are only a few stitches on the needles (started at 62 and decreased to 42). They are not very big, yet it took me 4 nights of knitting!

It feels really wonderful to know this is going to fit :-) And I love, love, love the Silky Tweed! Too bad it is discontinued.

I was browsing Ravelry for new projects and found Broderie. All I could think of was how great this would look on stage if it was knit in black!

I searched for the yarn recommended and decided it was over my budget so decided on this RYC Luxury Cotton DK instead. Yummy - cotton/rayon/silk softness! Since my LYS didn't enough, I ordered from Webs.

Now I must hurry to finish that second sleeve....


Girl Friday said...

i'm soo jealous!

i can barely do the basic knitting that i taught myself. i'd love to be able to learn the different stitches and such.

and the nifty knitter is an evil lil cheater that i love lol

Panhandle Jane said...

That sweater may have seemed slow to you, but I think you have knitted quickly. I can hardly wait to see the finished product!

twig said...

Sleeves take so long because they are evil! Pull up a chair. I'm on Sleeve Island, too