Saturday, January 05, 2008

Barbie and Bamboozle


So you think this is a strange title? Well! You weren't at today's concert, were you? I had the pleasure of performing with the Ft. Worth Symphony today in a Pops concert featuring Barbie.
Yes folks, Barbie.
The arranger and producer of this concert was Arnie Roth (remember Mannheim Steamroller? That Arnie Roth - very talented and innovative.) It was a great way to introduce young children to classical music, but also very commercial. It seemed like a 90 minute advertisement for the Barbie movies. I didn't even know they made Barbie movies!
Here is your view if you had been in the audience:

But here is the view from my side - looking out into the audience:

So while I was not playing, I took a shot of the screen Barbie was being projected upon. This is a bit odd - from the back side and looking almost straight up:

We were performing in the beautiful Bass Hall in Ft. Worth:

Enough about work - want to see the front of Bamboozle?

I have about 6" knit on both sleeves so far.... I am on a quest to get this puppy finished soon!

Thanks SO much for all your comments on the last entry. My Mom loved her sweater and we had a wonderful visit. I am so lucky that at 87 years old she is of sound mind and physically well enough to travel all the from NY to TX and visit us.
Sorry about the spacing on this entry - Blogger is just very odd for me when it comes to formatting..

I hope you have a Healthy and Happy New Year! Happy knitting, friends.


schrodinger said...

A Barbie concert - how bizarre! Bamboozle is coming along nicely. Happy New Year to you!

Bonnie said...

Geez, is there anything Barbie can't do? She's been a mom, veterinarian, malibu beach bunny, princess, cheerleader, McDonald's employee.....oh the list goes on and on. But nothing symphony related comes to mind. It is nice to see her branching out. ;-)

The tank looks great too!

Larjmarj said...

Ditto on the bizarre factor.

I agree that it's a good way to get the little un's introduced to classical but the commercial factor is a little icky.

What a cool building though.

Your garments are always fab! said...

Every time I drive down the street where Bass Hall is (not very often, but some) I tell myself I'm going inside there someday. But I hope it's not while Barbie is playing.

lobstah said...

Better be good, Barbie is watching! LOL! Too funny, but I guess anything these days to get kids involved in the arts. Looks like there was a packed house.

Meredith said...

I think I heard about that Barbie thing! Looks like the concert was pretty popular. :)

Larjmarj said...

check out my blog, I left you a little something ;-)

Hasbu said...


I found your blog through Larjmarj's. The Bamboozle looks nice!

fig said...

Scary Barbie! Is that Crystal Palace Bamboozle yarn? I love that stuff! Pretty knitting, Ceci.