Friday, September 07, 2007

Alpaca and Veggies and Woodstock, Oh My!

Warning - picture intensive!
I am back from New York after a week with Mom. She is doing very well - I see no change since last time (this is a good thing when Mom is 87 years young). And after the second round of Prednisone, continuation of Advair, Nasonex and antihistamine, I cough no more!!!! No more prescriptions (other than the Nasonex) - whew! I feel great! And I appreciate all your thoughtful comments.

While in NY, I went to the old Woodstock site in Bethel. It has been turned into a Performing Arts Project where the NY Philharmonic and popular musicians come to play:

Much to my happy surprise, there was an Alpaca Festival going on. Here is the local Alpaca Farm from just down the road.

There were lots of things to look at:

A spinning demonstration
Food for thought

Crafts to buy

And down the hill is the original Woodstock site commemorated by this monument:

The actual amphitheater was smaller than I remembered (stage was on the left near the road) but then again, things might have been a bit hazy back in 1969.

I did do some knitting while at Mom's - here is an unseamed Baby Bolero from the Debbie Bliss Baby book. I used Cotton Ease and #6 KP Options.

And the socks I have been knitting from Sensational Knitted Socks using Lorna's Lace and #0 dpns.

Tomorrow is the class I signed up for put on by the Woolie Ewe - it is Nancie Wisemann teaching us her finishing techniques. I thought I would wait until after the class to seam the bolero so maybe I could put my new knowledge to work.

I am *really* happy to be home.
So, see you later and leave me a little note if you want.


twig said...

You went to Woodstock???? That would have been a good show -- assuming one could remember much of it. heheheh

Welcome home and I can't wait to hear about your class!

lobstah said...

I always laugh at my dad because apparently he and his friends were planning to go to Woodstock but their car broke down or something! He still regrets missing it!
I love the bolero, so cute!

Larjmarj said...

Looks like fun! Aren't the alpacas cute!

Cindy said...

Lucky you to randomly come across an alpaca festival!

Welcome back!

Meredith said...

What a fun trip! Sounds like you were very busy. And how lucky to find an alpaca festival!

fig said...

So glad you're feeling better! Yes, Lorna's Laces is so yummy--I know you're enjoying knitting those socks! Thanks for the alpaca pics, too. So cute.