Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cast on and Cane

I cast on for Broderie and knit the entire waistband. Blocked it to a ginormous size then ripped it all out. I am down to #2 needles (just call me loosey goosey) and am now knitting a smaller size. Hopefully there will be a picture of success this weekend.

Cane is an ongoing necessity of oboists. Here is 1/2 pound to be processed.

I made some really good reeds from a friend's gouge and decided to buy a machine like hers. This is the Innoledy Gouging Machine. I communicated with the designer and his measurements are exactly what I use! It will take about four months before mine is ready so I guess I will have to muddle along as I have been doing.

Here is a Jeanne machine (my current gouger):

Here is the Innoledy:

Cool, eh? Or am I just a nerd. No need to answer that one :-)


twig said...

Oh I LOVE Broderie. I hadn't seen that pattern yet -- I don't tend to look at The Twist Collective. I think that I must have the pattern. You're such an enabler.